You should have one attorney that you can call 24/7 with any legal issue and feel comfortable that it will get addressed timely and reasonably by an expert.  


As your general counsel, Cooper can handle all your legal needs, regardless of the specialization required, by coordinating and managing other attorneys engaged to handle your different legal issues, assuming it isn’t something that he can do himself. He can oversee the strategy, the costs, and the results, and most importantly, he can help prevent costly surprises. 


Cooper Shattuck understands the overall organization and structure of colleges and universities. 


Having served as General Counsel for Alabama’s largest university and employer during one of the most challenging times for colleges and universities in the U.S., Cooper grasps the challenges facing universities today, such as Title IX, compliance, NCAA and athletics, governance, and risk management, and the importance of bringing process to the chaos, making him one of the most highly experienced higher education attorneys in Alabama. 


Not every legal matter is big. But no matter the size or complexity, it is a big deal to you.

We can put the same skills and experience that we use handling large and complex legal issues to work for you in a cost-effective and efficient means, no matter the size or complexity. We charge by the hour or by the project. We routinely handle the following types of personal, small business, and nonprofit legal issues:

  • New businesses (LLCs,  corporations, subchapter S corporations, sole proprietorships)

  • New nonprofit corporations (501c3, 501c4, 501c6)

  • ​Estate planning (will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, advanced healthcare directive​)

  • Probate of estates and wills

  • ​Transfers of family businesses

  • ​Small businesses 

  • ​Start-ups and entrepreneurs 

  • Buying and selling equipment

  • Buying and selling businesses

Litigation is a process, not a product. It involves strategic thinking, calculated implementation, and effective written and oral advocacy. 


Cooper Shattuck is experienced with all facets of complex litigation including multi-district litigation (MDLs), construction, environmental, defective products, personal injury, wrongful death, consumer fraud, class actions, employment, bankruptcy, financial, oil and gas, healthcare, and intellectual property. 


Alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation are time and money-saving alternatives to traditional litigation. 

Over the last two decades, Cooper has mediated cases involving governmental entities, domestic parties, small and large corporations, and individuals.


Lawyer discipline can make or break a practice either because of the new required publication of disciplinary history or associated malpractice claims, or both.


Cooper Shattuck is well acquainted with the lawyer disciplinary process and procedure having served on Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Commission and the Disciplinary Board.