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Surety & Construction Mediation

Construction Mediator

Cooper Shattuck has extensive experience handling large and complex surety and construction claims all over the country and in Puerto Rico.


Cooper is experienced in mediating the following types of construction litigation including:

  • Large commercial projects

  • State projects

  • "Little Miller Act" claims and disputes

  • Federal projects

  • Miller Act claims and disputes

  • Public works

  • Delay claims

  • Construction contract disputes

  • Change orders

  • Surety claims

  • Surety rights

  • Surety takeovers

  • General contractors

  • Subcontractors

  • Claims for additional work

  • Latent defects

  • Notice of default

  • Faulty design

Surety Mediator

Cooper gained valuable experience representing sureties dealing with large, multi-state defaults and claims.  His knowledge and appreciation of the unique relationships and challenges faced by sureties, principals, owners, and claimants allow him to effectively mediate their disputes.


Cooper is experienced in mediating the following types of surety litigation, including:

  • Bond defaults

  • Takeovers

  • Surety financing

  • Claims

  • Indemnity

  • Performance bond claims

  • Payment bond claims

  • Master surety agreements

  • Delay claims

  • Latent defect claims

  • Contract balance disputes

  • Retention

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