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Interview with Bernard Nomberg: How do nonprofit organizations work in Alabama?

In January 2022, Cooper spoke with Bernard Nomberg's monthly show, Nomberg Law Live. Cooper spoke on how nonprofits organizations work in Alabama.

Small business lawyer and nonprofit attorney Cooper Shattuck routinely handles the following types of legal issues for small businesses and non-profits:

  • Establishing and maintaining business entities, including LLCs, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, professional corporations, subchapter-S corporations, family businesses

  • ​Establishing and maintaining nonprofit corporations, including 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and 501(c)(6)s

  • ​​Drafting estate planning documents, including wills, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, advanced healthcare directives

  • ​​Probating wills and estates

  • ​​Buying and selling businesses

  • ​​Assisting businesses with licensing (including city business licenses, alcohol licenses), contracts, employment issues, real estate, tax issues, workers' compensation, insurance, debt collection, and security interests

  • ​​Advising start-ups and entrepreneurs on new businesses​

  • Advising individuals and businesses on trademarks, copyrights, and domains

  • ​​Assisting individuals and businesses with buying and selling equipment and real estate

  • ​Advising on reorganization, trouble loan workouts, financing, secured credit, loan defaults, foreclosures, liens, collection efforts, and bankruptcy


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