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Bankruptcy Mediation

Bankruptcy Mediator

Bankruptcy has long been an option for individuals, companies, and municipalities facing severe financial challenges. But there are ever-changing rules and expectations. The Bankruptcy Code provides opportunities for reorganization, but its provisions are fairly general.  The rights afforded creditors allow plenty of room for interpretation and disagreement.  Bankruptcy mediation with a mediator knowledgeable and experienced with these unique rights and interests can make the difference between a successful reorganization and a liquidation.

Bankruptcy mediator Cooper Shattuck mediates cases involving:


This experience allows Cooper to effectively mediate bankruptcy issues including, but not limited to:

  • Reorganization plans

  • Debtor-In-Possession

  • Debtor financing

  • Liquidation issues

  • Trustee's claims

  • Debtor's claims

  • Creditor's claims

  • Involuntary filings

  • Relief from stay

  • Priority

  • Claim valuation

  • Secured status

  • Nondischargeability

  • Fraudulent transfers

  • Preferences or preferential transfers

  • Adversary proceedings

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