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Crisis Management

Crisis Management Consultant

Cooper's experience serving as the Governor's Chief Legal Advisor, as General Counsel of the University of Alabama System, and representing other high-profile clients has given him unique and invaluable insight dealing with a wide range of crises. 

When a crisis hits, you need someone who has been there so that a level-headed strategic crisis response can be quickly implemented and managed.  Cooper Shattuck helps clients prepare for the inevitable crisis and is also there for them when it happens.

Crisis Management Plans

The best way to deal with a crisis is to avoid one. For those that are unavoidable, having a plan in advance is crucial.

Not all crises are avoidable. Most can be anticipated. Why not have a plan in place for those which could happen? So many organizations know well what crises they may face yet few actually plan for them ahead of time. This costs critical time when the crisis happens. Having a plan in place for such crises saves valuable time in getting ahead of the problem so that a larger crisis can be prevented.


Cooper Shattuck has extensive experience preparing crisis management plans for a wide range of entities facing all kinds of unique and challenging potential crises.

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