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Do you need a lawyer with specialized knowledge or experience?  A team member with a different perspective or insight? Perhaps someone with unique skills and talents for a special project? A lawyer for all your corporate or business needs?

Cooper regularly consults with attorneys and clients on the following matters:


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Complex Litigation

Litigation is a process, not a product. It involves strategic thinking, calculated implementation, and effective written and oral advocacy. Studies consistently show over 98% of cases filed are resolved before trial. A successful resolution is a direct result of effective planning and preparation. For the 2% that don't settle, effective communications are necessary.


Whether you need help with strategy, discovery issues, arguments, trial presentations, or negotiations, Cooper Shattuck will enhance the effectiveness of your team as a consulting attorney. 

​Unlike most attorneys who focus on specific types of litigation, Cooper has extensive experience in a wide variety of cases for governmental entities, small and large corporations, and individuals and frequently collaborates with others on a wide range of topics and cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Multi-district litigation (MDLs)

  • Construction litigation

  • Environmental litigation

  • Higher education

  • Products liability

  • Personal injury and wrongful death

  • Employment litigation

  • Bankruptcy litigation

  • Financial litigation​

  • Oil & Gas

  • Healthcare

  • Intellectual property

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Lawyer Discipline and Legal Ethics

Lawyer discipline can make or break a practice either because of the new required publication of disciplinary history or associated malpractice claims, or both.


Having served on Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Commission and the Disciplinary Board, Cooper Shattuck is well acquainted with the lawyer disciplinary process and procedure .  Through his service to the Alabama State Bar, he routinely worked with the Alabama State Bar Office of General Counsel and reviewed and decided a host of disciplinary matters ranging from simple infractions to disbarments.  As a result, he is a popular lecturer on attorney discipline, ethics, and professional responsibility and frequently advises and represents lawyers seeking to avoid ethics violations or to respond to disciplinary actions.

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Cooper Shattuck has studied and taught negotiation techniques and tactics for many years.  He has studied at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, taught at the University of Alabama School of Law, presented as a frequent CLE speaker,  and serves as the principal instructor for Alabama Mediation Training.

Not only has Cooper studied and taught negotiations, he's successfully negotiated

countless large and complex disputes.  He can help you create and prepare an effective strategy, implement it, and make adjustments as necessary throughout the process.

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Crisis Management

Cooper's experience serving as the Governor's Chief Legal Advisor, as General Counsel of the University of Alabama System, and representing other high-profile clients has given him unique and invaluable insight dealing with a wide range of crises. 

When a crisis hits, you need someone who has been there so that a level-headed strategic crisis response can be quickly implemented and managed.  Cooper Shattuck helps clients prepare for the inevitable crisis and is also there for them when it happens.

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Legal Marketing

Cooper Shattuck is the principal of Cartography Consulting, a digital and design marketing firm for professionals by professionals.

Most marketing firms take a singular approach to marketing, focusing only on template solutions for presumptive clients. In reality, your business, customers, and revenue come from a variety of sources. Cartography helps identify and define your target audience, not base a plan on assumptions.

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Corporate General Counsel

You should have one attorney you can call 24/7 with any legal issue and feel confident it will be addressed by an expert in way that is timely and reasonable.  


As your corporate general counsel, Cooper can coordinate and manage all your legal needs.  His experience is handling a wide variety of legal issues is unparalleled.  If unique legal issues arise, he knows specialized attorneys throughout the country and is experienced in coordinating their services. He can manage strategy, cost, and results, and most importantly, he can help prevent expensive surprises. 


A company doesn't have to be large to need a general counsel nor to afford one. Corporations, regardless of their size, profit and non-profit, face many of the same challenges.  They all need one person, one attorney they can depend on. Cooper Shattuck can serve as general counsel.  One call.  One person. No worries. Cooper can provide these services in a way that makes sense financially for your company instead of with a blind hourly rate.​

Complex Litigation
Lawyer Discipline
Crisis Management
Legal Marketing
Corporate General Counsel
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