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Negotiation Consultant and Coach

Cooper Shattuck has studied and taught negotiation techniques and tactics for many years.  He has studied at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, taught at the University of Alabama School of Law, presented as a frequent CLE speaker,  and serves as the principal instructor for Alabama Mediation Training.

Not only has Cooper studied and taught negotiations, he's successfully negotiated

countless large and complex disputes.  He can help you create and prepare an effective strategy, implement it, and make adjustments as necessary throughout the process.

Effective Negotiations

Simply reaching a resolution or an agreement is not a good measure of whether negotiation is successful. Often, negotiations result in missed opportunities for both sides.  Reaching win-win solutions is hard.  It takes work.  It takes someone who understands and is experienced in the various means of finding or creating them.

Successful Negotiators Aren't Born That Way

Negotiating is a skill that can be learned, honed, and improved. Effective negotiators understand that. They study and practice their craft. Truly successful negotiators do not shoot from the hip. They plan and prepare. They have a strategy. They make principled offers and counter-offers. They focus on interests rather than position. They can effectively deal with and control emotions, which are present in virtually every negotiation. They do not make rash or uninformed decisions. They get results.

You can't be good at everything. If you need to bolster your negotiation team with 

someone who adds value, contact Cooper Shattuck today.

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