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Corporate General Counsel

Corporate Lawyer

You should have one attorney you can call 24/7 with any legal issue and feel confident it will be addressed by an expert in way that is timely and reasonable.  


As your corporate general counsel, Cooper can coordinate and manage all your legal needs.  His experience is handling a wide variety of legal issues is unparalleled.  If unique legal issues arise, he knows specialized attorneys throughout the country and is experienced in coordinating their services. He can manage strategy, cost, and results, and most importantly, he can help prevent expensive surprises. 


A company doesn't have to be large to need a general counsel nor to afford one. Corporations, regardless of their size, profit and non-profit, face many of the same challenges.  They all need one person, one attorney they can depend on. Cooper Shattuck can serve as general counsel.  One call.  One person. No worries. Cooper can provide these services in a way that makes sense financially for your company instead of with a blind hourly rate.​

Cooper Shattuck has handled challenges for one of the largest entities in the state of Alabama, for the state of Alabama itself as its general counsel, and for a host of businesses and nonprofits of all sizes in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. And he has done it for over 30 years. He is experienced with the many issues that face corporations, businesses, and nonprofits.

Small Businesses & Nonprofits

Small business lawyer and nonprofit attorney Cooper Shattuck routinely handles the following types of legal issues for small businesses and non-profits:

  • Establishing and maintaining business entities, including LLCs, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, professional corporations, subchapter-S corporations, family businesses

  • Establishing and maintaining nonprofit corporations, including 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and 501(c)(6)s

  • ​​Drafting estate planning documents, including wills, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, advanced healthcare directives

  • ​​Probating wills and estates

  • ​​Buying and selling businesses

  • ​​Assisting businesses with licensing (including city business licenses, alcohol licenses), contracts, employment issues, real estate, tax issues, workers' compensation, insurance, debt collection, and security interests

  • ​​Advising start-ups and entrepreneurs on new businesses

  • Advising individuals and businesses on trademarks, copyrights, and domains

  • ​​Assisting individuals and businesses with buying and selling equipment and real estate

  • Advising on reorganization, trouble loan workouts, financing, secured credit, loan defaults, foreclosures, liens, collection efforts, and bankruptcy

Employment & Human Resources

Employment lawyer and human resources attorney Cooper Shattuck assist businesses with the following types of human resources issues:

  • Hiring and firing

  • Discipline

  • Executive compensation

  • Wage and hour

  • Training

  • Sexual harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Labor organization and disputes

  • Litigation

Organization & Structure

Corporate lawyer Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of organization and structure issues:

  • LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and limited partnerships

  • Bylaws and operating agreements

  • Growth pains

  • Shareholder issues

  • Board meetings and annual meetings

  • Corporate formalities and filings

Succession Planning

Corporate attorney Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of succession planning issues:

  • Successor naming

  • Property distribution

  • Business structure

  • Tax issues

  • Benefits

  • Employment contracts


Corporate lawyer Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of purchasing issues:

  • Equipment

  • Real estate


Corporate attorney Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of construction issues:

  • Contract negotiations

  • Change order management

  • Dispute resolution

  • Claim management

  • Liens

  • Breach of contract

  • Notice of default

  • Surety claims


Previously, Cooper taught Sales Law for many years at The University of Alabama School of Law and has also handled numerous cases on the following issues:

  • Sales

  • Internal

  • External

  • Forms

  • Warranties

  • Joint ventures

  • Federal regulatory compliance

Litigation & Litigation Management

Litigation attorney Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of litigation and litigation management issues:

  • Strategy

  • Cost control

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Attorney Cooper Shattuck assists businesses with the following types of alternative dispute resolution:

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

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